One Broken Mom Hosted by Ameé Quiriconi

Toxic Culture & Trauma with Richa Badami

May 29, 2021 Amee Quiriconi Season 4 Episode 4
One Broken Mom Hosted by Ameé Quiriconi
Toxic Culture & Trauma with Richa Badami
Show Notes

In this episode, Ameé speaks with Richa Badami, a personal transformation coach, author, and trainer about Richa's personal experience with becoming re-traumatized at work during at sales meeting.  The incident surprised her because it happened many years after she had undergone the healing work required due to her experience of being sexually abused as girl by her father.  However, at that time, her past was private and certainly out of awareness of her colleagues at her job.  And so during a sales meeting, in what was supposed to be a "motivating" comment, a male co-worker used misogynistic language that triggered Richa's deep feelings of shame around her abuse and things were never the same after.

The episode highlights the importance for organizations and leaders to see the need for trauma-informed practices in the workplace.

What you will hear on this episode: 

  • Richa’s experience in the corporate world and the culture of the company she worked at
  • Even years after events, trauma survivors still feel the impact of the events and can be re-triggered in surprising ways
  • How insensitive, misogynistic, word choices and microaggressions can be triggers for trauma survivors
  • How being triggered or re-traumatized can show up in our body through illness
  • What could have been done at work that could have created better outcomes for Richa and the company’s culture
  • How Richa and other non-White employees dealt with the constant gender and ethnic-based microaggressions allowed at her workplace


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