One Broken Mom Hosted by Ameé Quiriconi

Trauma and Our Health with Veronique Mead

May 23, 2021 Season 4 Episode 3
One Broken Mom Hosted by Ameé Quiriconi
Trauma and Our Health with Veronique Mead
Show Notes

In this episode,  Ameé speaks again with Veronique Mead, a family physician and assistant professor who changed careers looking for a better understanding and more effective tools for working with chronic illness.

On her website, she has collected and shared the abundance of new research showing how adverse life events increase risk for sensitivity to infections, toxins, and other environmental stressors that increase risk and trigger onset of chronic disease.

Because of the overwhelming effects from the events of 2020, Ameé wanted to revisit the links of health, illnesses, and trauma, with a focus on what can be done to improve outcomes and possibly even heal the psychological wounds that are triggering the physical ailments many people have. Using her own personal experience with rheumatoid arthritis, Ameé shares an update on the progression of her disease and the steps toward controlling and remission. 

In this episode you will also hear:

  • How 2020 may have impacted many people
  • The effects of trauma on the nervous system
  • How mental health stigmas in culture and medicine prevented people from considering trauma as a source for their diseases
  • The arguments against the connection of life experiences to diseases
  • Effects of historical and systemic racism on health
  • How diseases like Type-1 Diabetes, asthma, and others may be triggered by trauma in some people
  • The influence of psychological or emotional neglect in people with chronic illnesses
  • The relationship of CPTSD with poor health and chronic illness
  • How certain therapies can help heal some chronic illnesses 

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