One Broken Mom
1.37 Mental Health and Pop Culture: What TV & Movies Can Teach Us
One Broken Mom
1.37 Mental Health and Pop Culture: What TV & Movies Can Teach Us
Feb 24, 2019 Season 1 Episode 37
Amee Quiriconi

In a slight departure from the norm of One Broken Mom, Ameé brings on therapist and fellow podcaster, Ryan Englestead from the show Pop Psych 101

By day, he’s a clinical psychologist in New Jersey. 

By night, he’s part of a dynamic duo of podcasters who do a show called Pop Psych 101. A show that dives into the mental wellness (or illness) of characters you know, love and maybe hate on TV, in movies and books. 

In this episode, Ameé and Ryan talk about the portrayal of characters in movies and TV shows and where writers get the mental wellness "right" and where it's dangerously wrong. But, in the end, they team up to save the day and talk about how movies and television can be used to find relatable ways to discuss mental wellness and concerns such as depression, anxiety and suicide between ourselves and perhaps with our own children. 

Other topics in the show include: 

  • Have you ever noted any dangerous or untrue messages being put out in movies or television shows?
  • So what do you think it means when people like certain types of movies – action, spy movies, horror or Rom-Com’s? 
  • Do you think there is value in using movies & TV shows as a way to help our kids learn empathy? 
  • What if our kids have an interest in darker themes, especially adolescents - Should we worry? 
  • How can superhero movies or stories help some people as they are dealing with adversity in their personal lives.
  • Finally, Ameé and Ryan break down some of the main characters of Marvel's Avengers and over-analyze it all! 

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