One Broken Mom

Part 1: "Believing I Want to Die" with Andy Grant

September 28, 2019 Season 2 Episode 21
One Broken Mom
Part 1: "Believing I Want to Die" with Andy Grant
One Broken Mom
Part 1: "Believing I Want to Die" with Andy Grant
Sep 28, 2019 Season 2 Episode 21
Amee Quiriconi
A candid conversation with a suicide survivor about living with suicidal thoughts and what everyone else should know
Show Notes

This episode is Part 1 in a special double-episode release dedicated to raising awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. In Part 1, Ameé speaks with a guest who’s appeared on One Broken Mom before, Andy Grant from the show Real Men Feel. 

WARNING: If your life has been touched closely and intimately by suicide, this could be a tough episode to listen to - so pace yourself if you need to. This is a candid conversation about suicide and suicide ideation. 

Listeners heard Andy here earlier this year when he and Ameé chatted about the work he does and the arena he has established for men to come together and support each other as they learn the understanding and tools to help them with expressing the real thoughts, feelings and needs men have.

But then a not so funny thing happened a few months ago.

Andy disappeared. His daily posts quit happening. He wasn’t commenting in his community. He wasn’t answering his messages. He wasn’t recording new shows. 

When he did emerge finally, he shared that he’d fallen into the abyss again. But thankfully, Andy was able to grab the ledge and claw his way back. 

So this episode is an attempt to understand the depths of the day to day struggle some people have with fighting the urge to die. And to also, hopefully, connect with what has mattered or helped Andy the most through this. Andy, sadly, falls into the largest category of people who die by suicide in the United States – men between the ages of 40-60 years – the category that has taken a sharp increase the last 10 years. 

Too many people die by suicide and the people left behind have no answers to why and we hope to give some of those today.

People don’t talk about suicide in this country out of the fear that others will see it as a solution. But that method isn’t working at saving the astonishing number of people who die each and so we’re going to do it differently today by having the raw honest conversations that too many people are afraid to do. 

 In this episode you will hear: 

  • What triggered Andy's recent bout of depression and suicidal thoughts
  • What kept him from killing himself
  • The treatments and therapies Andy finds most effective in his life
  • What do family members and close friends need to know about supporting someone who thinks about killing themselves

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